Thursday, October 21, 2010


4. Using of Block Printer For Batik

Now we come to the final part of creating batik. Unlike the previous production, the use of block printer need different apparatus.

the block printer of batik

You need a wooden table about 3'x4' wide and about 3' high. Cover the table with a thin layer of sponge and plastic paper on top of it both of the same size with table.

The block normally can be bought from the copper handcraft designer at my village or surrounding area. But you must have your own pattern or desired design to enable them to create a block printer for you. The cost is depending on how difficult is you sample design. Some block printer may cost RM2,000.00 and a month to be completed. Some producer will use at least 3 different blocks on each product such as bed sheets.

the block printing in process

The process is slightly different. You need much more bigger pot to melt down at least 10kg of wax and 2kg of soaking powder.

Place the white or blank cloth on the table and make sure it is plainly fixed and fit. Take the block printer for the basic design and start blocking for the whole cloth. Make sure that there is not so much wax stick to the cloth. Next, drop it into a container or a big basin containing the liquid of your basic color design. Ensure the color is well stick thoroughly to the cloth. Dry it under the heat of the sun.

Then send for color dying process, Sodium Silicate soaking process, rinsing and cleaning and boiling by following and repeating similar procedures in the manner I told you in previous posts. The product has to go back to the table for the second design block printing. Same procedures will follow and so on if you have more than 2 blocks design. Each finished blocking has to go for similar color dying, rinsing and cleaning, boiling and final rinsing processes.

For business purposes, normally one will block at least 24 pieces of clothes (or more depending on demand) for first basic block design. This is to cut down the similar process undergone for each cloth. You may have to provide bigger containers, wider space and more raw materials.

Advanced manufacturer uses modern machines and equipments to produce batik. But, the basic procedures  and chemicals used still the same and have to be adhered.

One thing for sure, if your batik is a handcrafted batik, which is drawn and colored by your hand on a piece of plain silk stretched on the wooden frame....then, in my opinion this is the one and only batik product ever created in this World. You or anybody else can't ever create a similar one...forever!

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